What is Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to lighten the natural color of teeth and reduce stains. This procedure is performed using special whitening agents that penetrate the tooth enamel and remove or reduce stains that cause discoloration. The results generally provide a whiter, brighter and more attractive smile.

Why do teeth discolorations occur?

Frequent and long-term consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, colored and acidic drinks causes discoloration of teeth. There are many other reasons for coloration other than this. These:

  • Some medications used during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Antibiotics, especially tetracycline derivatives, used at young ages
  • Structural defects that occur congenitally in the tooth structure
  • Long-term consumption of excessively fluoridated drinking water
  • Cracks on the tooth surface due to trauma or accident

Is teeth whitening harmful?

Teeth whitening is extremely effective and safe if it is done in accordance with the rules and under the supervision of the dentist.

Who can get teeth whitening?

One of the important criteria in whitening is that the person complies with all the rules during the whitening process. In this regard, whitening should only be performed on people who can follow all the dentist’s instructions and comply with the rules during whitening to the maximum extent.

What should I pay attention to after teeth whitening?

After all whitening techniques, color such as tea, coffee and wine for two weeks; It is necessary to stay away from acidic foods and drinks such as cola and cigarettes. Otherwise, the effect of whitening may decrease in the early period.