What is the Treatment of Gum Diseases (Periodontology)?

Nowadays, in order to have a healthy and beautiful smile, the soft tissues around the teeth are as important as the existing teeth. We can talk about pink aesthetics when the soft tissues around the teeth are in harmony with the teeth.

There are certain concepts and rules that we will take as a guide in achieving pink aesthetics. However, the key to success is a personalized treatment plan that evaluates each patient individually and takes into account the patient’s expectations.

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Our experts prioritize prevention and early intervention when managing gum disease. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your gum health, including a detailed examination and evaluation of your gum tissues, bone levels and the mobility of your teeth. By detecting signs of gum disease in its early stages, we can take proactive measures to halt its progression and restore health to your gums.

What is the treatment approach for improving gum aesthetics?

The treatment approach for improving gum aesthetics typically includes procedures such as gum contouring, crown lengthening, grafting for receding gums, and laser treatments to reshape and improve the appearance of the gums.

What is the recovery period for gum aesthetics?

Depending on the procedure performed, recovery time varies between 2 and 6 weeks. If it is necessary to intervene in the bone around the tooth during the procedure, the healing time is slightly longer.