Jaw Cyst Surgery

What is a Jaw Cyst?

Jaw cysts are fluid-filled cavities that develop at the tip of tooth roots, originating from teeth or anywhere in the jaw bone, without originating from teeth.

How can I recognize that I have a cyst in the jaw bone?

Since they initially do not cause any symptoms, they may remain hidden in the jawbone for years. Once they reach a certain size and cause swelling in the chin, patients notice them and consult their physician. They can also be diagnosed incidentally from an x-ray taken during a routine dental visit. It is recommended to visit the dentist as soon as possible if you experience painless swelling in the jaws, fluid resembling inflammation in the mouth, bad smell and taste, difficulty opening the mouth, loss of sensation in the tongue or lips, or loosening of teeth. Early diagnosis is crucial for treatment, as untreated cases can grow large and cause jaw fractures.

Are jawbone cysts benign?

Jawbone cysts originating from teeth are generally benign. However, whether a cyst that is detected and cleaned on an x-ray is benign or not can only be determined by sending the cleaned part to pathology and evaluating it.

Does jaw bone cyst recur?

When the cyst and the epithelial tissue surrounding the cyst are not cleaned properly, or in some types of cysts, it may recur after a period of treatment.

What should be taken into consideration after jaw cyst surgery?

Prescribed medications should be used carefully and the surrounding teeth should be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush. Hard foods and impacts that may damage the jawbone should be avoided.

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