Prosthetic Specialist
Emre Tülü

After completing his secondary school education at Şişli Anatolian High School, he got accepted into Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry and graduated in 2010 with success.

In 2011, he started doing his doctorate in the Department of Prosthodontics, Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry. He not only works on Prosthetic Dental Treatments -focusing on Implant-Supported Overdenture Prostheses and Aesthetic Smile Design- in various clinics, but also follows closely the academic and scientific studies. He regularly attends conferences and symposiums both in Turkey and abroad.

His main hobbies are nature sports and music.

“Thanks to the prosthetic treatment administered by Mr. Tülü, I got my teeth back. Before the treatment, let alone smiling, I even had trouble talking! I would like to thank Mr. Tülü and the Dentlotus family for their attention and the successful treatment that I received.”

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    Thanks to the prosthetics Mr. Emre made, I got my teeth back. I was having trouble talking and smiling. I would like to thank Mr. Emre and the Dentlotus family for their attention, care and successful treatment.

    Prosthetic Specialist Emre Tülü's

    “With 12 years of experience, I am ready to help you with your dental prosthetic treatments.”

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    After completing his secondary school education at Şişli Anatolian High School, he started Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry and graduated in 2010.

    He started his PhD degree in Prosthetic Dental Treatment Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011. He studied prosthetic dental therapy, especially prosthetics on implants and aesthetic smile design in various clinics, but closely follows academic and scientific studies.

    He regularly attends domestic and international congresses and symposiums.
    His main areas of interest are nature sports and music.

    EDAD (Estetik Diş Hekimliği Akademisi Derneği),  22th International Congress of Esthetic  Dentistry (19-21 Ekim 2018)   

    DSD Concept Hands-on, Dr. Cansın Özgür, Christian Coachman (24 Aralık 2017)

    European Associtation for Ossointegration (EAO Congress), 26th Annual Scientific Meeting,  Madrid/Spain. (29 Eylül 2016)

    Innovative Implant System, IBS implant World Symposium Dr. J.W. Wang (2 Eylül 2013)

    International Team of Implantology (ITI) Congress, Gloria Golf Resort Otel Belek/Antalya (22-25 Aralık 2013)

    Ostem Word Meeting, 13th International Scientific Congress, Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul/Turkey (14 Eylül 2019)

    Turkish Society of Oral Implantology, XIVIth International Scientific Congress,Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul/Turkey (10-12 Ocak 2013)

    Dikey Boyut Yükseltme Uygulamalarında Oklüzyonun Düzenlenmesi, Temporomandibular Rahatsızlıklar ve Oklüzal Splint Uygulamaları – 4 – 5 Mart 2022
    Gülce Karadağlı
    (Executive Assistant)
    Wisdom Teeth Treatment

    Dr. Emre Tülü was a true professional with all the skills a patient was looking for. He was friendly and reassuring during my treatment. The day I went to the clinic, he greeted me with a smile. He helped me through the perfect treatment. I would like to thank Mr. Emre for his warm attitude and confidence in me as much as my treatment results.
    Ayşe Fidan
    (University Student)
    Cosmetic Filling

    Understanding and Patient!

    I’ve had a dentist phobia since I was a little girl. Every time I have a problem with my teeth, I go back to the dentist. In fact, 1 days before my appointment, I get nervous:) All my tension reflects on my voice, my face and my behavior. Every time I sat on the couch, I’d find my arms around me a lot of times, squeezing me tight. In short, dental treatment is a difficult and unpleasant process for me.

    Recently, I went to Dentlotus clinic as my cousin Ebru recommended me the clinic and they were the solution to my problem. The staff were both very understanding and very patient.  During my entire treatment, they made a lot of effort to comfort me, and everything worked out fine. What more could you ask for than a dental clinic? Thanks again, everyone.
    Emir Demircan
    (Graphic Designer)

    I met Emre Tülü through social media. I had a bad image on my gums, and I wanted a veneer. I delayed my treatment for a long time with fear that it would hurt.  Mr. Emre reassured me by explaining all the stages of the treatment in advance. Indeed, the treatment gave me an aesthetic look above my expectation. He’s highly knowledgeable, experienced, sincere and humble, and very light-handed. I wish I’d known Emre Tulu before. I recommend him to anyone who needs dental care.
    Hulki Belge
    (Customs Broker)
    Laminated Veneer Treatment

    There was a lot of space between my upper teeth because of my missing tooth. This made me feel discomfortable in aesthetic terms. I found Dr. Emre Tulu, who was frequently recommended for composite laminate after an online research. By carefully calculating each tooth, Mr. Emre did wonders in a short time. I would like to thank Dentlotus dental clinic, especially Mr Emre for their interest and hard work.
    Hakan Ağır

    When I first reached Mr Emre with a friend’s reference, my tooth was shaking and I was about to lose my tooth. Mr. Emre saved my tooth with great patience and constant morale by applying a comprehensive treatment. He’s a very successful dentist who maintains his ethical values, connects with his human, gentle, patient, who doesn’t miss his interest. The clinic is also extremely extreme and all its devices are very modern. So far, I have referred all my friends with peace of mind, and all those who have gone have been very pleased with themselves and thanked me.
    Fatma Özlem Acar
    (IT Specialist)
    Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    The toothache that began on the lower left of my jaw pushed me to visit a dentist. I moved to Istanbul 2 months ago for my job, so I had to find a reliable dentist. I found the Dentlotus dental clinic on the internet from mobile search. I liked the websites and they were close to my work. When I called the clinic, they gave me an appointment easily. After the first examination, I learned that the problem was caused by my wisdom tooth and that it should be extracted.

    Honestly, that’s the last news I wanted to hear, but there was no other way.  Thank God Mr. Emre is communicating so well with his patient that I sat in the dentist’s chair in peace. I thought it was going to hurt, but his hand was so light, I didn’t have any pain or discomfort. I finally found the dentist I was looking for. I thank him and the Dentlotus Family for their meticulous attention and patience with a difficult patient like me.
    İlknur Söylemez
    Paediatric Dentist

    My daughter Dilara is 7 years old and a very active child. I was very concerned about the filling and dental work for her. Actually, I shouldn’t worry about it at all. Mr. Emre Tülü did the treatments so easily that I couldn’t believe it. My daughter sat calmly through the process and was very happy. Loads of love to Mr Emre and dear Dentlotus team who understands both adults and children.
    Mahmud Şadi
    Prosthetic Treatment

    I had trouble eating because of I had missing teeth. I can now speak comfortably and eat healthy with the prosthetic treatment that Mr Emre has applied. From the outside, you cannot tell that it’s a prosthetic, and my teeth look all white. Also, it is very easy to remove and clean. Thank you very much for the Dentlotus family and Emre Bey.
    Alper Tabak
    Root Canal Treatment and Filling

    I recommend Denlotus and Emre Bey to everyone, they are perfect. He said it is possible to save my teeth which I was sure he was going to extract and he saved it with root canal and filler treatment. Smiling, polite, caring, caring, light-handed and experience are all in one. Even if you give up hope on yourself, they’re doing everything they can to save your teeth. You can make an appointment and visit the cleaning comfortably.
    Gül Sürmeli
    (Financial Advisor)
    Implant Treatment

    I had to have a teeth implant. My friends have had their implants with Dr. Emre Tulu and they were very pleased. My implants were perfect, and I’ve never had any problems. My friends are satisfied with him and they say he does your teeth like your original teeth. Mr. Emre is very friendly and very nice person to his patients. I couldn’t get my teeth done because I was scared for years, but I visited Mr. Emre with peace of mind, which I am glad to trusted him.

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