Özgür Serçe

He completed his secondary education at İskenderun İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School. He then received vocational training in Erciyes University, Faculty of Dentistry between 2006 and 2011. Right after his graduation, he settled in Istanbul and opened up his own clinic.

Simultaneously with the management of his clinic, he participated in the Doctoral Program of the Department of Oral Implantology, Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry. After his PhD qualification, he carried on his works at both his clinic and in various clinics in Istanbul.

Özgür Serçe has obtained the most up-to-date information related to his profession in more than 10 years through participating in countless seminars and conferences regarding almost every area concerning dentistry. He works intensively on Implant Surgery, Implant-Supported Prosthetics, Aesthetic Smile Design, and Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery.

As of 2021, he has been the founder dentist at Dentlotus Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, and he continues to work affectionately and fastidiously.

Özgür Serçe has been interested in chess, table tennis, and playing guitar and baglama since his childhood. Also, he won the Turkish Championship at the Argentinean Tango Contest in 2019.

“I visited Mr. Serçe in order to receive a treatment for my missing front teeth and I got an amazing result. I can smile comfortably thanks to his reassuring behavior and talented hands. I would like to thank Mr. Serçe and his team. I am so glad that I got to know you!”


Smile Design

Oral, Dental and Jaw Surgery

Turkey Argentina Tango Champion

Diş Hekimi Özgür Serçe

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    I went to Mr. Özgür to treat my front tooth losses and I got a great result. I can now smile comfortably with his talented hands and soft attitude. I would like to thank Mr. Özgür and his team and I am happy to know you.”

    Dentist Özgür Serçe’s

    “You can always consult with me about Implant Surgery, Prosthetics, Aesthetic smile designs, oral dental and jaw surgery.”

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    He completed his secondary school education at İskenderun Istiklal Makzume Anatolian High School. He then received vocational training at Erciyes University Faculty of Dentistry between 2006-2011. He moved to Istanbul immediately after graduation and opened his own clinic

    In addition to clinical management, he continued his studies in the Oral Implantology Department of İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry as well as his clinic and different clinics. After his PhD qualification, he continued his studies at both his clinic and in various clinics in Istanbul. Özgür Serce has been working extensively in the Implant Surgery, Prostheses, Aesthetic smile designs and Oral and Jaw Surgery by following the most up-to-date information of the profession, including numerous seminars and congrats in almost every field of dental practice over 10 years. He is the founder dentist at Dentlotus Oral and Dental Health Clinic and he continues to work in the clinic with care and sensitivity since 2021.

    Özgür Serçe is interested in chess, table tennis, guitar and baglama since childhood He has Argentinean Tango Turkey Championship in 2019.

    ”Aynı Günde Sabit Dişler” Dişsiz Hastada Maksimum Yaşam Kalitesi.

    All-on-4 Konsept: Cerrahi ve Protetik Yaklaşımlar, (İstanbul 2013)

    Biology Behind Immediate Implant Dentistry (İstanbul-2013)

    Türk Oral İmplantoloji Derneği 10. Uluslararası Bilimsel Sempozyumu (Antalya 2013)

    How Much Effort Is Needed To Achieve High Quality Results When Replacing Implants In The Aesthetic Zone (Istanbul-2013)

    Türk Oral İmplantoloji Derneği, 24. Uluslararası Bilimsel Kongresi (İstanbul 2013)

    İstanbul Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi, 6. Uluslararası Bilimsel Kongresi Ağız-Diş Sağlığında Güncel Durum (İstanbul 2013)

    ITI Antalya 2012 Bilimsel Toplantısı (Antalya 2012)

    Profesyonel Diş Beyazlatma Kursu (İstanbul 2012)

    WIS Geleneksel Yurtdışı Seminerleri (2013 Tayland)
    Hakan Demir
    Implant Treatment

    I broke my tooth while I was eating. When I was looking for a dentist for treatment, I came across Dentlotus’ website. I contacted him because he was close to my work, and they made me an appointment quickly. Dr. Özgür and his team, who were interested in me, were very knowledgeable about implants and very light-handed. Thank you again to the Dentlotus family for being perfectly supportive of me during my entire treatment.
    Hazal Şenocaklı
    Zirconium Coating

    I found the right treatment with Dentlotus’ guidance.  I first went to the clinic to get a “Hollywood Smile” but as a result of the examination, I learned that my teeth are not actually in good condition and that I need to get a zirconium coating. My treatment results were way above my expectations.

    I would like to thank the Dentlotus family for making me feel comfortable and relaxed during my treatment, as well as the beautiful result I received.
    Burcu Çiçek
    Root Canal Treatment

    Mr. Özgür is one of the best dentists I’ve ever met. I had treatments done by another dentist before him. First of all, the channel has renewed my treatment. After I was satisfied with this treatment, I decided to continue with myself in my other treatments. It’s a good thing we met. I would like to thank Mr. Özgür and the Dentlotus family.
    Arslan Şahin
    Implant Treatment

    I went to the Dentlotus dental clinic with friend advice to treat my dental loss.  Özgür Serçe has talked about everything that needs to be done before and after treatment. My treatment has been excellent in a short time. Your care for patient satisfaction is so valuable and your interest is valuable. Thank you, Dentlotus.
    Almila Çiftçi
    Dental Scaling

    I had dental scaling with Mr. Özgür. I went to Dentlotus for the first time. First of all, the clinic was extremely modern, stylish and sterile. He was extremely professional and the staff was helpful. After this positive first impression, I will continue in Dentlotus in other treatments.
    Sultan Öztürk
    (Kindergarten Teacher)
    Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    He did my wisdom teeth surgery, one of my greatest fears, which I’ve been neglecting for a while. Mr. Özgür’s hand was so light that the process was so easy for me, I wished I hadn’t delayed my treatments so long. Thank you so much for everything.
    Ersin Karaca
    Canal and Filler Treatment

    I had been away for a long time because I was having a curfews during the Corona and I was trying to handle the situation. But the problems with my teeth have become unbearable lately, and I knocked on Dentlotus’ door. After the check, the canal and filling treatment was applied.  Besides, it was done in my dental hygiene after my treatment. I ended my entire treatment without any problems.  Mr. Özgür has given me a lot of confidence, and I would recommend him to everyone.
    Şifa Yılmaz
    Dental Scaling

    I went for the gingival recession problem, Mr. Özgür and his team’s approach was very good. He solved my problem with the cleaning without the surgery. Thank you so much to him and the staff.
    Gamze Bayraktar
    (Marketing Manager)

    Meeting Dentlotus saved my health. My implants made in another polyclinic caused bone loss, so I went to Dentlotus with the advice of my friends at work because I didn’t trust this institution. They removed my old implants and applied bone powder and graft within the same day. Then I got my new implants and I got my health back. Thank you very much for the dentist Özgür Serçe and his team.
    Uğur Çam
    (Textile Engineer)
    Teeth Extraction

    It’s hard to find the right doctor in Istanbul. I knocked on Dentlotus’ door for implant therapy. After the initial examination, Mr. Özgür stated that my bone was suitable for implant treatment, but I needed it for Sinus lift operation. After a short research, Mr. Özgür and his team agreed to begin treatment with confidence. The treatment was completely successful: I am so glad to have chosen Dentlotus. I would like to thank Mr. Özgür and the team.

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